It was a beautiful day, blue sky without any clouds from the left corner of the window to the right. The usual ceremony of getting together in my flat for the coffee was ending, all my friends were there, ready to go to a place we know very well for its endless freestyle possibilities. Everyone had prepared himself dutifully, the shovels , the back pack full of water and food, the boots tied up. We took all the stuff we had prepared, and like an army, in a messy and happy movement, we left the flat. We all had something to say on how the day was going to happen, we were having this great feeling of being happy just because of the sunshine, good snow condition and being together.
La Mongie resort was crowded but we knew that our destination was not. It’s a place that one doesn’t see so much from the slopes, it makes it a bit secret, even thought it was starting to be famous for the kids. We arrived on the spot, and looked around. One of us saw a new line that we never imagined. The landing was perfect but the jump had to be very big to reach a perfect parabola.
We agreed that it would be quite interesting to build this big jump even if it was going to be very long to shape. Everyone was very optimistic about this new line because it was looking very fun to ride.
For my part, I was very skeptical. I had the feeling we were going to shelve more than riding!
We started to form blocks to make the jump with very clean vertical wall on each side. Everyone had his work. One was assembling blocks together like a bricklayer, some were filling up the hole between the jump walls, some were preparing blocks in the snow like a marble mine, some were polishing the access to the jump. After around two hours of work, I was desperate. I Couldn’t see where we were going…
It was too much effort this time and maybe the result will not be that satisfying. I set down a bit far from the jump to have a wide view on both the landing and the jump. I realized at that time, we have moved a tremendous amount of snow during this two hours and it was not finished…
I thought, if only we had something under the snow, to make it easier to shape. Something like a small rock, a ply of the soil, a pre-form… and in a second, it came to my mind: what if we had a house sticked in the soil, with a roof connected to the ground. We would only pact the snow on the roof and then no more hours of pain, just snowboarding!
I went back to the jump with a long smile on my face. There my friends were busy building the jump, not worrying about the work left to do to ride.
I told one of them of the funny idea I got about an architecture that could save us from hours of shape. We discussed and laugh about it.
It was a very good day. We ended up the construction very late and had a couple of jump but we were too tired to enjoy it that much. But for me, a new dream was starting, architecture had meet snowboarding, a project was born.


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